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Dead Zed 3

biohazard-zombie-png1I am sure that you have already played a lot of games where you must kill zombies in order to survive, but Dead Zed 3 is really the best one. You are not just shooting zombies in this game, you are also building a strong house with other survivals, make efforts to find other people who survived the zombie apocalypse and make efforts to find powerful weapons to secure your house. Dead Zed 3 is the most recent version of the popular game with interesting missions and great graphics. If we compare it to the previous version, we will find out that there are no bugs in the game and a whole pack of new maps.

The plot of Dead Zed 3 is what makes this game so interesting. You are the one who survived in zombie apocalypse. Your first mission is to secure your house and survive the first wave of zombies. If you succeed to do this, you can try to find other people. There are a lot of places on the map where you can find either people, or weapons. If you found other survivals, you can ask them to do some job for you. For example, the survivals can help you protecting house if you give them weapons, or they can go to find other survivals. You should give them task according to their skills.

As you progress in Dead Zed 3, the waves of zombies are getting bigger and more stronger and faster zombies are now coming to kill you. If you are brave enough, try to find new weapons. The most powerful weapon is Machine Gun. You should also use mines to several zombies at a time. The graphics of the game is impressive. I really enjoy playing it when I have some spare time. The controls of the game are simple enough : mouse to aim and shoot, R to reload weapon and Q to switch weapons. I am sure that you will have some great time with the full unblocked version of Dead Zed 3 at our website. Enjoy it for free.